The Confident Herbalist Course

The Confident Family Herbalist:

A Complete Guide to Home Herbalism

What if you could quickly make safe and effective home remedies when you or someone in your family starts getting sick and make them feel better naturally?

What if you felt confident in knowing which herbs and remedies to choose for your health?

What if you knew how to go about researching herbs and plants for your personalized needs?

Are you wanting to be sure you give your family the best, most natural home remedies you can?

Do you dream of being able to take care of your health using natural methods that are actually good for you?

Maybe you're trying to simply live a more natural life, and you know plant medicine is the way to go but you're not quite sure where to begin?

Or, maybe you're overwhelmed with all there is to know about using herbs effectively and safely?

Perhaps you are worried you may accidentally poison yourself or make a preparation the wrong way?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this course is for you!

Taking The Confident Family Herbalist Course means that you'll be on your way to embracing natural health for yourself and your family using home remedies you easily, safely, and effectively make in your own kitchen. You will be empowered and confident in your knowledge and skills in using herbs on a day to day basis for common complaints and your own personal needs.


You and your family deserve to be naturally healthy and have choices when it comes to safe and effective self-care and home remedies.


Here is what you will be able to do after taking the

The Confident Family Herbalist:

You will:

  • Know how to take the mystery out of making and using natural remedies
  • Gain practical skills so you can use plant medicine on your own to support your health and prevent illness
  • Have created your own home apothecary
  • Downsize the information overload and overwhelm into simple, easy to learn lessons that get you the results you want, quickly
  • See your kitchen as a healing apothecary, and get healing herbs into every meal
  • Nurture your family with natural health and home remedies that work
  • Be more confident and empowered in keeping yourself and your family well
  • Know how to support your daily wellness
  • Keep more toxins away from your family and children
  • Learn a lifestyle that is empowering, creative, and enjoyable!
  • Teach your children how to take care of themselves using traditional methods for the rest of their life. This knowledge is a legacy!
  • Have access and support in a private Facebook group for my students and others interested in natural health using herbs. You'll have a place to get answers to your questions...from me as well as other students.
  • Be very comfortable with growing numbers of herbs
  • Create your own Materia Medica as a resource
  • And lots more!


Who this course is for:

  • The person who wants to start using herbs for their health, but isn't sure where to start;
  • People who want to learn how to make their own safe and effective plant medicines that really work without the fear of doing something wrong
  • The person who wants a strong herbal foundation of the basics without all the overwhelm of too much information. This course will get you started well.
  • The person who is simply overwhelmed by all the massive amount of (sometimes conflicting) information out there, and would like herbalism to be made easier.
  • People who are afraid they might do something wrong with herbs and accidentally poison themselves
  • Folks who know herbs can work but are worried they won't work for them.
  • People who truly want to live a more natural, chemical free life.
  • And for those who are tired of being at the mercy of the medical industry and Big Pharma, this might be the perfect starting place for you!
  • People who are building a strong self-reliant set of skills, who are survivalists, preparedness buffs, and homesteaders---or who simply want to be more self-reliant from big pharma and OTC meds

It's a course I'm proud and so excited to offer. It's the course I wish I had been able to take when I first began my own herbal and natural health learning journey over 20 years ago.

I've compiled all the the things it has taken me literally years to learn into one comprehensive beginner's guide to home herbalism.

It contains information gleaned from my many years of study and experience. It's my knowledge condensed into a course that will give the beginner or early intermediate herbalist a head start making your own remedies and preparations.

Here are some (but not all) the things you'll learn in The Confident Herbalist: A Guide to Home Herbalism:

  • Basic foundations of herbalism: Sourcing your herbs including wildcrafting, herbal language (the legalities), Latin plant names, the herbal mindset, supplies..... All the things that lay a solid foundation of knowledge you need--and a whole lot more.
  • How to make herbal preparations (over 14 different ways to prepare herbs along with videos, PDF printables, and recipes)
  • How to know which preparations are best to use for any given situation.
  • Dosing charts for adults and children that will keep you safe.
  • How to easily formulate your own herbal blends for teas, tinctures, and more so you can create personalized herbal formulas for yourself and family.
  • My favorite remedies Mr. V. and I use daily or as needed
  • The Art of Tea Making
  • Herbs as nutritional supplements! I will teach you how to get the most nutrition from your herbal preparations.
  • All about herbal safety and toxicity so you can stay safe, even if you don't know much about herbs right now
  • Using essential oils in your herbal practice
  • Your kitchen apothecary: You'll learn about kitchen spices that support the body systems and have lots of recipes to experiment with!
  • Building your own herbal first aid kit and home apothecary
  • You'll have a growing Materia Medica of eBooks (35-45 pages each) that give you a deep dive into individual herbs as resources.
  • and lots more!

The Confident Herbalist includes these features:

  • 20+ videos with instruction and recipes you can use immediately
  • 65 lessons
  • 80+ recipes and remedies between the videos, lessons, and eBooks included
  • Downloadable PDF's and written information
  • 3 eBooks to support and supplement the text in the course, plus 12 complete eBooks on specific, easy to use herbs.
  • Herbal Recipes! Close to 100 recipes are included between the text and lessons to help you start your herbal journey by taking action!
  • Student Support: You're invited to join the private student Facebook group where I do informational LIVE Q & A's every week, teach an herbal topic of value and interest, and help you with your growth as a new herbalist.
  • Lifetime access to the course as long as it is for sale in this manner, as well as all the updates and upgrades I'll be adding
  • and lots more!

I'm going to be honest:

This course is probably not for you if you have a lot of experience using herbs in your daily life. This is a course for very brand new beginners who know absolutely nothing about using herbs through middle level intermediate level herbalists. There is no anatomy & physiology included in the course, however, this course is the perfect foundation for continued upper intermediate studies in herbalism.
I designed The Confident Family Herbalist to be the best resource to get a new herbalist up and using herbs for your health fast: using safe and effective recipes, feeling confident in the results, and able to get support when questions arise.

This course is closed for enrollment.

I am so happy to have found The Confident Family Herbalist: A Guide to Home Herbalism course! It contains an extremely thorough curriculum that addresses everything I have wanted to learn! As an Aromatherapist I am very excited to learn how I can incorporate herbs into my essential oil practice as well as for my family! This course is a gold mine of information containing everything from teas and tinctures, to herbal powders and infusions! A must have for anyone wanting to learn more about natural health care. Thank you so much Heidi for sharing your knowledge! ---Meghan Nowlin

"For my generation, all we’ve likely ever known is the allopathic method of healthcare: take a pill to mask the symptoms, probably without actually HEALING your body. I’ve been struggling for over two years with an uncommon form of colitis that a doctor literally told me she had no idea what causes it….I was beyond frustrated!!

This lead me on a journey to find another form of care. Natural healing. I had no knowledge whatsoever about this topic, but I knew someone out there had to! However, I was afraid of this form of self care, afraid I would poison myself and honestly, I didn’t believe it would work. But I was tired of dealing with all the clinics and medications that just weren’t working.

That’s where The Confident Herbalist course came in. Heidi’s beginner course is a plethora of information that was not overwhelming and was broken down in a common sense way that just clicked for me. My kitchen is no longer just for cooking, it’s a home apothecary where I create everything from simple teas and tisanes to cold and flu remedies!

I literally started with no knowledge, no supplies, nothing, but this course opened up a whole new world to me and I’ll forever be grateful! I’m currently using all natural ways to help heal all sorts of common ailments around the home (spoiler alert: THEY WORK!) and I couldn’t be happier.

I feel empowered because I’m taking control of my health and I know exactly what’s going into my body. I can’t wait to learn more! I highly recommend this course to anyone who is even curious about natural healing and using the plants God put on this earth for our benefit." ----Haley W. Crane

"I love this course! The Confident Family Herbalist is as good as online courses come. Heidi takes students through all you need to know to start using herbs in your life and for your family confidently. She takes the guesswork out of whether or not herbs are safe, and how to use them effectively. She covers every different preparation you can imagine (and some you haven't ever heard of) and puts the tools into your hands that you need to use herbs powerfully for your ailments and issues. As if that wasn't enough, Heidi includes bonus modules to help you build an herbal first aid kit, use aromatherapy in your herbal practice, and how to use herbs in the kitchen to promote wellness...AND there are bonus eBooks too! This course is well worth the price to be able to use all of these materials and lay your fears to rest about using herbs." ---Kristi Stone, Stone Family Farmstead

This course is closed for enrollment.

"My husband is working towards becoming a clinical herbalist, so we use a LOT of herbs in our life... and yet as I'm going through this course I am finding all sorts of tidbits that I didn't know yet!

I'm loving this course for using herbs to stay above the wellness line.

In fact, we used Heidi's elderberry syrup recipe (included in the course) to stay happy and healthy even through record pollen levels here this spring! Such a blessing!

With 62 lessons, tons of videos, and 4 eBooks in the course, there is a LOT of information to help you get started on your herbal journey. Heidi also has a Facebook group where she is very active and answers questions as they come up. She also has a weekly Live Q&A session in the group to support herbal education.

Seriously, if using herbs for health and wellness has ever been on your "to do" list, you need this course!" ----Victoria P.

Develop your own herbal techniques:

  • You'll choose from any or all of the over 14 top herbal preparation techniques so you can help your friends and family with home remedies in more ways than you ever imagined! Preparations such as natural and easy cough syrup, medicinal honeys and teas, menstrual cramp soothers, natural deodorants, and more......
  • This section alone is worth the cost of the course. It will save you time and hassle trying to look up how to do something because you will have the core herbal remedy preparations methods at your fingertips so when you need problem!
  • I'll encourage you and show you how to create your own first aid kit that is personalized for your own family using the techniques you'll learn in the course.

You'll build your confidence:

  • You will get comfortable making simple and nourishing home remedy recipes that are deeply rooted in traditional health methods
  • You'll learn how to make the preparations necessary for nearly any herbal recipe or blend there is AND you'll figure out how to create your own blends of herbs for health
  • You'll get recipes you can have ready made or know what to do for cold & flu prevention and symptoms, mental clarity, energy, improving digestion, sore joints, upset stomach, anxiety, rashes, skin and hair health, and so much more!

Access secrets for your success!

How to get the most from your Herbal Confidence Course:

  • I'll help you set up support structures (storage, kitchen ideas for using herbs, etc.) to help you integrate your newfound knowledge into an ongoing, joyful, real life experience!
  • You'll be motivated to start your herbal learning journey and continue it going forward so you can have a lifetime of enjoying essential natural health practices.
  • You'll love the fact that you'll be able to teach and share this knowledge with friends and the future generations!
  • STUDENT SUPPORT: You'll have all kinds of support in my private Facebook group, Practical Herbs with Heidi and The Confident Herbalist, a group just for students of the course. This fun group is highly motivated to help each other with kindness. AND, I do live Q&A sessions each week so students and members can ask questions and learn.
  • The community aspect of this course is just incredible, so please be sure to join us in the group!

This course is closed for enrollment.

I started Heidi's Confident Family Herbalist Course as an absolute beginner to herbalism. Using herbs for health has always been something I had wanted to learn more about but I was a little overwhelmed with the idea of where to start. If you are new to herbalism like me, this course is for you!! I find Heidi's teaching style really easy to follow. She breaks down heavy topics into bite size understandable sections, and I especially enjoy the video lessons. I can't recommend Heidi's content packed course enough! --- Jessie S.

THIS is the herbalism course I have been looking for! As a health-research addict, with a passion for natural healing, I’ve long wanted to take a comprehensive herbalism course to gain confidence in my home use of herbal preparations. But the high quality courses that drew my interest were also well beyond my budget. This course is refreshingly affordable, and is a wealth of practical, easy-to-follow information. It has breathed so much life and confidence into my use of herbs at home! ---Anna M.

"I've been wanting to learn more about herbs for years, but it's just so overwhelming. The Confident Herbalist is just what I needed to take my knowledge to the next level. Learning from Heidi is just like sitting down with a friend! I feel excited about all the possibilities and confident about the herbal preparations I can make and use."

---Sarah T.

"Heidi is a teacher at heart and it shines through. I love learning from her and her experience with herbs is amazing! This course will be the only course anyone would ever need to get all of the information needed to begin working with herbs. I'm so impressed with how deep she goes into each section and I'm so excited to stop worrying about starting to use herbs. I'm an ultra beginner, but this is the confidence booster I needed to get going with herbs!" --Delci P.

I am taking Heidi's herbal course and I love it, so much great info packed in it. As I read each section I find myself not wanting to stop. She makes the info easy to understand and fun to learn. This is not some boring, dry course, does not feel like a class at all ! I can not get enough of the course. Thank you Heidi, for putting this course together and offering it to people such as myself, I am very grateful. ---Melinda F.

“What a great resource for those beginning their herbal journey! And it is jam packed with a ton of valuable information. Heidi has done a fantastic job of making this course easy to follow in a language that isn’t overly complicated. She makes it feel very personable and as though I am learning from a close friend. I highly recommend this excellent course for anyone who wants to learn how to use herbs safely and effectively in their everyday life!” --Mary W.

It's easy to get started!

1) Enroll in The Confident Family Herbalist

2) Start learning herbalism basics and experiment and experience with any or all of the approximately 100 recipes included in the course materials and eBooks.

3) Feel proud, empowered, and confident in your home herbalism abilities!

4) Feel thrilled when you are able to reach for a natural, pure plant remedy instead of a chemical over-the-counter medication....and know it will work.

What you do next can be the difference between continuing to WANT to learn herbalism and natural health for your family and actually DOING it....becoming a Confident, Inspired, Empowered Home Herbalist!

This course is closed for enrollment.

Your Instructor

Heidi Villegas M.A., C.A.
Heidi Villegas M.A., C.A.

Ever since I learned how to use herbs and natural healing methods to solve my own health issues over 15 years ago, I have been on a path to learn as much as I can about plant medicine and natural health. I'm a certified professional level aromatherapist, clinical/community herbalist, and lover of all things natural living. I invite you to use my years of experience and study, teaching credentials, and ability to encourage others so you can bring the healing powers of the natural world into your own home, garden, and kitchen, for a happier, healthier life.

Course Curriculum

  Herbal Safety, Toxicity, and Herb-Drug Interactions (HDI's)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  What are Herbal Actions? An Herbal Glossary
Available in days
days after you enroll
  What are Herbal Preparations & How to Decide Which to Use? An Overview & Glossary
Available in days
days after you enroll

When I was told by the doctors that nothing could be done to improve my chronic condition, I refused to believe them. That's when I began to learn more about herbs and their uses. I even got a herbalism book that was recommended for a beginner - HA!

I felt so lost. Like someone trapped in a country where no one speaks my language. I was confused, scared and discouraged.

Not long after, I found Heidi's Facebook group - Practical Herbs with Heidi. Her work and the community there gave me back the hope that one day, I might just be able to know what all those fancy words meant and how I could use herbs safely.
Then I enrolled in her course, The Confident Herbalist and guess who it was made for? Me! Or at least, that's how it feels. Heidi takes you by the hand, walks you through all the difficult words and their meaning. She shows you how to make just about everything you can make in herbalism, and several ways to make them. Heidi even takes the scary parts out of formulating your own blends.
I can't wait to see what all the knowledge and confidence I'm gaining from this course will end up doing for my health. ---Pia S.

"I am absolutely loving everything about the course. I love the simplicity in which you present each topic, especially for a beginner like myself who probably would not feel confident enough to even start to dive right in and begin the learning curve. I really enjoy the videos in between the written information that brings a definite refreshing and added treat that makes me want to learn even more. Thank you for your sacrifice of time and genuine care for soo many in pushing forward to get this information into the hands of those of us looking for better and healthier alternatives." ---Debra C.

"After taking The Confident Herbalist: A Guide to Home Herbalism course I feel much more confident with using herbs on myself and my family. This course has a wealth of information without the boring, mundane properties that courses can sometimes have. Heidi presents the material in a way that is easy to understand. She keeps all the information down to earth, and made me feel like it was okay if I messed something up, or it didn't come out quiet the way I had planned (it's all part of the learning process). I also love how she touches base on many different things like making teas, tinctures, and foraging are just a few examples. It lets you get a taste of something, and you can decide if you want to delve further into it or not. This course also encourages you to do your research to really learn about all the different plants and herbs, and not to just take one persons word for it. Thank you Heidi for taking the time to put this course together for beginning herbalists like me and all the future generations to come." ---Jolynn Ward

"This course has given me the confidence to begin using herbs in a way I had never considered before. Heidi brings a wealth of knowledge in such an easy-going way, I couldn't help but learn from her!I am so glad I now have this skill set to add to my Homesteading library. You won't regret giving this course a go!" ---Amanda P.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? Some herbal schools give you a limited time to finish a course. Once you purchase The Confident Family Herbalist, you can access it indefinitely or for the lifetime of the course, the Confident Family Herbalist. NOTE: If you purchase on a payment plan and do not fulfill the plan, access to the course will be revoked.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.
Will I receive updates as new features and lessons are added?
YES! You'll be able to download any and all new printables I add to the course, as I learn what questions my students have. This course is for YOU, and my mission is to make it a valued resource you can return to again and again.
Is there a book that goes with the course?
There are several eBooks that come with the course. Some of these are supplemental and a couple of them are recipe books I sell independently as well. You also receive a set of 12 (and growing) eBooks on specific plants. These are roughly 35-45 pages long and packed with information I've curated. As a student of this course, you get them all!
What if I have questions?
I am here for you! In my private Facebook group, Practical Herbs with Heidi, you can attend the live Q&A sessions or watch the replays any time you want. In these student support sessions I answer any questions you have and/or teach a valuable herbal skill.
I want to sign up, but I'm really busy? How much time do I need to spend on the course?
Good news! You have the course for life, so you can work on it as fast or slow as you want. Also, I've designed the lessons to be easy to watch and read. The recipes are all easy to make too, so you can get started with small parts of the course at a time, and just chip away at it if you want. There is no time pressure to get through it quickly at all.

Dear Herbal Friend---

If you are interested in learning about how to use the real plants God has provided us on this earth for your health and happiness, this course will get you started fast, with a lot of support. You will become confident in your abilities to solve typical complaints, help your family and friends, and experience the goodness of natural health.

You no longer have to be overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of information overload out there. You can simply go through this complete foundational course and start your herbal learning journey today!

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!


This course is closed for enrollment.